Another good deed for the Year of Giving…

The dhow sailors of Dubai Creek are unsung heroes, working long hours on their rickety vessels, often in difficult conditions.

Which is why it warmed our hearts to see these photos of more than 1,000 sailors, boat commanders and dhow owners down at Dubai Creek recently, enjoying a well-earned feast.

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The initiative, dubbed “Sufrat Al Khair” (Feast of Giving) was arranged by Dubai Customs for the 2017 Year of Giving.

Photos posted by Dubai Customs to Facebook show the seamen sitting side-by-side on their makeshift dining space at the dock, tucking into a delicious-looking meal.

According to Dubai Customs, the purpose of the feast was to “enhance values of solidarity” with the sailors at the Creek. More feasts would be organised throughout the year at all customs centres in Dubai, it said.


This year marks the UAE’s Year of Giving, to commemorate the philanthropic legacy of the UAE’s founding father, HH Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan.

We’re loving hearing about all the initiatives taking place in the spirit of giving – like this food truck that delivers food to the needy across the UAE, and, of course, the UAE Food Bank.

Now, let’s just take a moment to appreciate the beauty of Dubai Creek (and the amazing people who work to keep it alive).

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