A gang from Hong Kong have been arrested just 24 hours after they reportedly stole Dhs2 million of jewels from a Deira store. This video shows you the whole thing…

Every now and then the UAE police release fascinating videos showing every detail of one of their operations – from the surveillance to the arrest – and a new one has just landed.

The video shows how criminals who stole Dhs2 million worth of jewellery in the Al Naif area of Dubai at 5am on Friday were apprehended within 24 hours.

First you see footage of the crime taking place, and then you follow the police as they move into an apartment and arrest the six suspects: 

The police say they have already returned the stolen jewellery to the shop that was robbed.

Major General Khalil Al Mansouri, Assistant Commander in Chief for Criminal Investigation, says the store that was robbed contained Dhs60 million worth of jewellery overall.

The robbers broke into the store and stole Dhs2 million of jewellery in only 31 seconds. 

“Through field investigation, teams gathered information about a gang from Hong Kong, specialising in armed robbery, entering the UAE on a visit visa on March 16, staying for two days, then leaving for a GCC country and returning to the UAE on April 1,” Al Mansouri explained.

“After five days, they committed their crime,” he added.

The suspects – five men and one women – were then located (less than 24 hours after the crime) at a rent-by-the-day apartment in the China part of International City.

Some of the gold they had stolen had already been smelted down.

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Main image: Dubai Police/Facebook.