The Abu Dhabi Police have released a mini movie that looks like it could be a clip from Fast & Furious – but no, this isn’t Hollywood, this is actually what the UAE police force can do.

In the movie-like clip, you can see the ekin Patrol in action – a technology that allows UAE police cars to read and register license plates, detect the speeds of surrounding cars and even recognise the faces of passengers: all on a Terminator-like monitor and while driving at high speeds. The cars can also send out GPS coordinates to the traffic control centre, who can then – like in this video – orchestrate a multi-vehicle strategy.

– Abu Dhabi police’s top supercar
– Dubai Police cars race the streets

This is all made possible due to the fact the Abu Dhabi government has just activated a smart digital maps system, which Lt. Colonel Faisal Mohammed Al Shammari, Executive Director of the Ministry of Interior’s Smart Government Programme, points out will help in many areas of life:

“In addition to serving the public, the digital maps platform supports many police and operational systems such as the Operations Rooms. They also contribute to provide the necessary enablers to achieve the national agenda, as a part of the government’s vision to make the UAE one of the safest places in the world by achieving a 100% total sense of security and by reducing response time to emergency calls to just minutes.”

The locations you see in this movie are Sheikh Zayed Tunnel, World Trade Centre Mall (when the red car swoops in), Salaam Street and then Sheikh Zayed Bridge (which is where the capture happens):

“Suspect is in custody and vehicle is secured. Good job everyone,” says the operation’s director at the end of the video – as the camera pans over the road block and supercar, as well as the chopper hovering above (which we half expected Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson to rappel from).

Meanwhile, we’re still thinking about the Robocop-worthy from-car facial recognition.

The moral of the story? Never commit a crime in Abu Dhabi.