The huge, and mostly outdoor, theme park complex is changing its hours – and its prices – for the hotter months.

When Dubai Parks & Resorts – aka, Legoland, Motiongate, Bollywood Parks etc –  opened late last year, the thought in the back of our minds was ‘how is it going to work over the summer’?

Well, last week they announced special summer deals (more on those below), but today the parks have revealed a flash sale, which will see tickets even cheaper than the summer deals.

If you buy tickets between now and May 7 you’ll get to go to Bollywood Parks for just Dhs75 (that’s A LOT cheaper than the summer price). You can also buy tickets for Legoland, Motiongate or Legoland Waterpark for Dhs145. Here’s the link if you want to buy the flash sale tickets

As part of the flash sale you can also buy a one day pass to two theme parks for Dhs195 (which is the price for one park plus food in the general summer deal).

As we mentioned, you have to buy these tickets between now and May 7 and you’ll also have to use them by August 30 as they are only valid until then. Oh, and importantly, the tickets are not valid over the Eid weekend (which they’re saying will be June 23 to June 27).


There will be special deals and different opening hours throughout the summer, starting on Sunday May 21. Plus, remember, many of the rides are indoors (as are – crucially – the majority of the queues). That said, you’ll still have to spend quite a bit of time outside getting from A to Z.

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First things first, the parks will be cheaper to visit in the hotter months, with around Dhs100 off of tickets. Tickets to a single park from May 21 will cost Dhs195 – and you’ll get “unlimited food and beverage” as part of that. That’s right, you’ll be able to eat all that you’d like at the restaurants inside the park.

Then, tickets to two of the parks in one day will cost Dhs295 over summer – and you’ll also get unlimited food and beverage as part of that too.

You’ll get a souvenir cup as part of the summer ticket which you can then refill throughout the day with drinks, and almost all of the food outlets in the parks are included in the food offer.

So, why not go to two of the parks in one day and focus on the indoor rides? 

The good news is that a lot of the rides in the parks are indoors – as are the queues.

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The opening hours for the parks will also change over summer so that you can visit in the evenings when it’s hopefully (at least a bit) cooler.

Motiongate will be open from 2pm to 10pm, Bollywood Parks from 4pm to midnight, Legoland Dubai from 12pm to 8pm and Legoland Waterpark from 10am to 7pm (the latter is obviously a lot cooler). 

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Photo: Dubai Parks & Resorts