More than 880,000 drivers in Abu Dhabi have had minor offences wiped from their records.

Good news for motorists in the capital: Abu Dhabi Police are cancelling black points for minor traffic offences committed in the emirate. Some 883,000 drivers will see their records reset, as part of a government initiative to coincide with the UAE’s Year Of Giving campaign.

July 1 saw the introduction of new traffic laws in Abu Dhabi, and the points will be removed for offences that took place before then.

Not surprisingly, you won’t lose your black points if you’ve jumped a red light, or for any other violation classed as dangerous driving, such as speeding, or driving dangerously, or driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

It’s really aimed at drivers who have picked up two or three black points for offences such as parking on a pavement or using a horn in a prohibited area. Check out the Abu Dhabi Police traffic fines page to see if you’ve had your black points deleted.