The moodiest (and most buff) of the Jonas brothers joins the Fiesta De Los Muertos line up…

Last week we announced that the Gorillaz and Lebanese-Canadian R&B star Massari would be flying into Dubai in October for the Fiesta De Los Muertos festival on the Al Ain Road.

And now Nick Jonas has been added to the line up. The 24-year-old has managed to free himself from his ultra-wholesome Jonas Brother image in the past few years, and now produces pop music with a dark, moody edge. The October gig will be Jonas’ first show in the Middle East. 

His anticipatory, full-of-longing single Close has racked up nearly 200 million views on YouTube, while his latest single Remember I Told You has been viewed nearly 5 million times on YouTube in just two weeks:

Many people instantly deride all things Jonas due to their saccharine past, but what they don’t realise is that Nick Jonas is an accomplished songwriter. In fact, in 2016 he was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame:

“Jonas was the driving songwriting force behind the Jonas Brothers, and was a co- writer or sole writer on the majority of their releases,” the Hall of Fame explains of their choice to add him to the club. “In addition, he helped pen a number of songs on Demi Lovato’s first album which brought her to prominence under Hollywood Records.”

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And here’s a glimpse of him live to prove he’s got some serious live singing chops (he wrote Chainsaw, and has cited it has one of the songs most personal to him):

The Fiesta De Lost Muertos will be on Friday October 27, and tickets start from Dhs350 for regular standing, and go up to Dhs995 for fan pit standing or VIP platform.

It’s open to all ages, those under 12 must be accompanied by an adult, and tickets are now on sale here.

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