The new traffic laws, which came into play on July 1, have reduced the amount of fines given out week-on-week by at least 37%.

17 new amendments were made to the federal traffic law at the start of July. These mean Dubai Police are now tougher on things like inappropriate stopping and seatbelt use. And it seemed like people weren’t following them at first: in the first 24 hours, over 1,000 fines were issued as the Dubai Police clamped down on the bad behaviour.

But now, according to statistics released by Dubai Traffic Police, there’s been a sharp decline in traffic fines handed out.

The figures outline that 94,964 traffic fines were issued in the week before the fines came into play, compared to 59,777 fines issued from July 1-7 (the first week of the new fines). This means 35,187 fewer fines were issued in the first week of the newly amended traffic laws, a reduction of 37%. 

This might have been because so many people were talking about the fines, making people aware of the new rules (let’s hope it’s a trend that continues though). And it also shows that traffic laws are things to be celebrated rather then complained about – because we all want safer roads.

“It is a promising development and means that drivers are taking the law seriously as fines have increased,” said Maj Gen Al Zafein of Dubai Police.

The amended laws included offences for sudden swerving, ignoring traffic lights and failing to wear a seatbelt (no matter where you’re sitting in the car). New penalties come at the price of up to Dhs20,000 (for driving while intoxicated) and 23 points on your licence.

The new laws should mean improved general road safety and reduced casualties on the roads. “I expect a drop in traffic accidents and casualties as well as fewer traffic offences as drivers become wary of committing even minor offences. More drivers who follow traffic instructions will mean safer roads,” added Al Zafein.

Have you noticed road safety improvements since the laws came into play?

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