A new service means you can now transfer your water and electric accounts to your new home

Moving house is stressful. Whether it’s from one end of the city to the other, or from the 15th floor to the 16th floor, it’s not an easy process. But now the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) has launched a new service to help.

The ‘Move To’ service, allows customers to transfer their electricity and water accounts just by submitting the Ejari tenancy contract for the new property. This can be done either through DEWA’s smart application, website or Customer Happiness Centre’s.

Once the Ejari contract for the new place is obtained, an automatic transfer order is created.

There’s now an extra step you need to take before activating your DEWA
DEWA is now letting some customers pay their bills in interest-free installments

This will hopefully mean a lot of time, stress and money saved. There is no need to submit any additional documents, or visit DEWA offices, and the deposit and data are also transferred over. 

“The new service will save time and effort. When moving, tenants won’t have to pay a fresh deposit unless the amount required for the new property exceeds the current one.” explained Saeed Mohammad Al Tayer, managing director and CEO of DEWA.

Before, when moving out, you had to settle the bill, request a refund of the security deposit, then pay a new deposit for your new place. Which really, was all a bit stressful.

It’s not just for residential customers either. The new service will also apply to commercial and industrial addresses.

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