If you’re caught eating or sleeping on public transport, be prepared to get fined

The RTA has announced that its inspectors will be cracking down on commuters caught violating public transport laws, with a particular focus on busses.

In a statement issued via the Dubai media Office, Abdullah Al Mahri, director of Transport Activities Monitoring at RTA’s Public Transport Authority said that around 61 offences had been written up since the campaign was recently implemented.

*275 million trips taken on Dubai’s public transport so far this year*

Of the listed violations, noted offences included: placing feet on seats, posting ads to air-conditioned shelters, eating and drinking in shelters and littering.

Tickets were also written up for those caught smoking on public transport. We’d have thought that not smoking on the bus would have been a given. Guess not…

The renewed push to curb public transport violations is aimed at keeping Dubai clean for both residents and tourists, as well as to raise satisfaction levels of the various transport means amongst customers.

Here’s a reminder of some of the fineable offences to watch out for on public transport:

-Using an expired Nol card (Dhs200)
-Destroying, sabotaging or tampering with the systems, tools or seats of the public transport modes (Dhs200)
-Spitting, littering, doing any act that may contaminate public transport modes, facilities and services (Dhs100)
-Smoking inside public transport modes, facilities and services (Dhs200)
-Sleeping in passengers bus shelters or in undesignated places (Dhs300)
-Eating and drinking in a prohibited places (Dhs100)

For a full list visit the RTA website.

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Image: Getty