You’ll need to be sitting down for this one, trust us…

Everyone’s favourite team of local aerial daredevils are back at it again, this time with another death-defying stunt that will leave you dizzy.

In a video posted to their Instagram account, four members of the XDubai team can be seen flying in between Dubai Marina’s iconic skyscrapers at breakneck speed.

The clip, developed in association with @dubai_360, is filmed using a 360 camera, and there’s an epic moment where the shot pans around (in super slow motion, of course) revealing all four stuntmen completely untethered, wearing their trademark wingsuits.

Even from the relative safety of our office computers we felt our stomach turn a little as we watched the impressive feat. Check it out below:

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As always, it should be noted that XDubai are trained professionals and these stunts are carried out under controlled conditions with appropriate safety conditions. So, definitely don’t go trying this at home.

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Images: screengrabs