Thousands of cameras will be installed in the city’s popular tourist spots.

Dubai Police has revealed plans to install thousands of high-tech surveillance cameras throughout the city ahead of Expo 2020.

The cameras will be fitted with facial recognition software to identify potential criminals, and will even be able to issue verbal warnings.

“Criminal activity-related cameras will capture footage of people involved in crimes, recognise their faces and analyse the crime,” Brigadier Jamal Al Muhairi, deputy director of administrative affairs at Dubai Police, told The National.

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“Microphones will be connected to cameras to warn criminals. If a person is trying to steal, for example, a voice message from the microphone will tell the person that he or she is being watched by policemen.”

The system, which is being called “Oyoon” or “eyes”, will be phased in over 2018 and 2019.

It will also be able to record traffic violations, using cameras with built-in license plate readers.

Major General Khalil Al Mansouri, assistant to the chief of Dubai Police, told The National this kind of surveillance was necessary to “cope with the challenges of the age”.

“As the world changes, we need to change. We are approaching Expo 2020 and Dubai will witness a heavy footfall,” he said, adding that tourist destinations would be heavily monitored.

As many as 25 million visitors are expected to head to Dubai for Expo 2020.

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