We’d love to have seen this happen…

Some pretty impressive stunts have been filmed across Dubai, from aerial daredevils to a kiteboarder performing death-defying stunts.

And the latest has just been performed by daredevil athlete JB O’Neil. In the latest collaboration between XDubai and Jumeirah, the athlete is seen taking a ‘wakecation’ through the resort, navigating his way around the waterways, leaping from pool to lagoon and soaring over a collection of bridges on his wakeboard. 

The minute-long video is sure to give even the most daring of daredevils the chills:

The stunt, filmed over two days, required a total of eight cameras including a special underwater one.

While filming, JB O’Neill completed thirty jumps, and the specially built 1.1 metre tall ramp created by X Dubai was used in a total of five different locations across the Madinat.

The hair-raising stunt saw O’Neill reach speeds of up to 34km/h, perform a 540 degree over a bridge, and navigate under the bridge at Talise Spa with only a 68cm gap.

And when the athlete does that big drop in the middle of the film, you’ll see him descend more then 7 metres from the Jumeirah Mina A’Salam pool to the waterways. Impressive…

But it would appear we weren’t the only ones impressed by the stunt, as HH Sheikh Hamdan also reposted the video to his Instagram account

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