It’s anticipated that over 150,000 iftar boxes will be served during the holy month…

Dubai-based airline Emirates is expected to serve 1 million dates during their Ramadan service this year.

The Ramadan service extends to iftar and suhoor meals both on board flights and on the ground in Dubai, as well as the distribution of dates and water at Dubai International Airport throughout the holy month.

Emirates’ Ramadan service is expected to begin on May 5, to coincide with the start of Ramadan 2019.

Customers breaking their fast on board flights will be offered iftar boxes of couscous salad & grilled chicken or moudardara & roasted chicken, sandwiches, spinach fatayer or tomato and onion fatayer, assorted sweets, dates, laban and water. The menu will be switched up half-way through Ramadan.

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The iftar meals will be served across all seat classes, on flights that fall during iftar times to and from the Gulf, as well as flights catering to Umrah groups travelling to Jeddah and Medina.

It’s anticipated that over 150,000 iftar boxes will be served during the holy month.

All seven Emirates lounges at Dubai International Airport will serve Arabic coffee, dates and sweets in addition to buffet spreads for iftar and suhoor.

Dates and water will also be offered at the boarding gates of select flights.

Fasting onboard

To ensure its passengers are fasting and taking iftar at the correct times while in-flight, Emirates uses a unique tool using the aircraft’s longitude, latitude and altitude. When the sun sets, passengers will be informed of the iftar time by the captain.


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