Figures also show there’s now 82 per cent more people in Dubai than there was a decade ago…

Have you ever thought that there seems to be a lot more men living and working in Dubai than women? Well now there’s concrete evidence to support that thought.

A new study conducted by the Dubai Government has revealed there are 2.3 males for every females in the emirate. Q1 of 2019 showed that in Dubai there were 2,256,000 men and 976,000 women, making Dubai’s total population 3,232,000 people, which is 82 per cent more people than the same period ten years ago.

In 2009 the population of Dubai was 1,770,000, when there were 3.4 males for every 1 female, so over the last ten years the gender ratio has began to balance out. It’s difficult to predict whether it will balance out completely but it seems likely that the population will continue to grow.

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The population of Dubai has jumped 1.2 per cent since the data was revealed for 2018 when there were 3,005,677 in the emirate. The Dubai Statistics Centre collects its figures based on daily and monthly estimates of the number of population permanently residing in Dubai within the geographic borders of the emirate, whether they are Emiratis or Non-Emiratis.

The figures also revealed that in the first quarter of 2019, according to Dubai Tourism & Commerce Marketing Department (DTCM), Dubai had 4,750,000 visitors.

There were also 52,700,367 passengers on the Dubai Metro including the Red and Green lines as well as 1,638,666 Dubai Tram passengers.

Those interested in learning more about the statistics collected will be able to access information about hospitality and tourism, education, transportation and housing & buildings from the Dubai Statistics Centre website.

We guess that explains why there are so many ladies’ nights in Dubai…

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