The system is already implemented in a few museums, with more museums and attractions set to be added…

Ever find yourself in a situation where you have no cash on you, there’s no ATM close by, and the place you’re at doesn’t accept credit cards, or maybe they do, and the systems are down? Enter in the handy nol card.

While nol card was initially introduced for public transport in Dubai, they can now be used for parking meters, pay for groceries at various supermarkets and retail stores, at government service centres around Dubai, pay for petrol and much more.

And now you can even use it to pay for various museums and attractions.

The announcement came during the 2019 edition of tech exhibition, GITEX where the Road and Transport Authority (RTA) met and collaborated with Dubai Museums Company (Dubai Museums) to announce the implementation.

Abdulaziz Al Falahi, CEO of Corporate Technology Support Services Sector, praised the move stating “This step would indisputably enhance RTA’s tireless efforts to deliver top-notch services represented by digitilising its nol card usage and ease of its accessibility to make people happy including residents, visitors and tourists flocking to Dubai from all over the world.”

If you’ve visited some of the newest attractions that have opened in Dubai this year, such as the Quranic ParkAl Shindagha Museum , you would have already seen this option available at the ticketing booth, but now, more museums and attractions set to join.

How does it work?

It works the same way as it would if you were using it to pay for your metro or bus ride. A single tap and that’s it.

Unsure of how much cash you have on your card? Don’t worry, the RTA have thought of that too and have introduced nol card top-up stations at the venues to help make the process easier. Most of the the top-up machines also accept credit cards.

And remember, the RTA also launched a new loyalty programme that will enable nol cardholders to gain points each time they use their card – all you have to do is sign up.

The RTA further commented that it has “plans on making the nol card the platform with which tourists and residents alike can access some of the city’s top attractions throughout the year.”

It was also announced during GITEX that a ‘virtual nol card’ will soon be available next year – which means you will soon be able to use your phone to pay for public transport and more in Dubai.

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Images: RTA