And that number is expected to hit 5000 by the end of the year.

The Roads and Transport Authority of Dubai (RTA) has announced you can now pay by nol card at 1000 retail outlets in Dubai.

It’s part of a plan to improve happiness and satisfaction among nol card users through the ability to utilize the card for various services.

“RTA has always sought the best methods to make people in Dubai happy by providing them with safer, sophisticated, secure and faster solutions that enhance and make their lives happy, easier and comfortable.” explained the RTA’s Abdulla Al Madani. The handy payment method is available across a variety of stores, including Zoom metro outlets and petrol stations.

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Now you can top up your nol card using your phone

So does this mean you could buy both your coffee to work and your ride there with your nol card?

The answer is yes. “Users of nol card are now able to make quick and easy payments for purchases using their existing cards” said Al Madani. In the same way you use your card to access the metro or tram, nol cards can be tapped on the POS system at selected outlets to make payment.

There are plans for the system to keep growing too, and should include five times more outlets by 2018. “The network of retailers accepting nol cards is projected to exceed 5,000 by the end of this year” confirmed Al Madani.

It’s yet another part of the city’s Smart Dubai Initiative, a vision that aims to make Dubai the happiest, and technologically advanced, city on earth. 

“The roll-out of this solution will indisputably further Dubai’s ambition to be the world’s smartest city within 3 years by harnessing the latest technologies and most advanced methods for realizing this objective.” added Al Madani.

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