The massive firework display will mark the end of Dubai Fitness Challenge 2019…

Did you take part in the Dubai Fitness Challenge this year? Well, what better way to give yourself a big pat on the back than watching a huge fireworks display to mark the end of the month-long initiative?

The stunning display will take place at Dubai Festival City on Saturday November 16, and whether you stuck to every day of the 30 day challenge or just lent yourself as support, there’s no denying that the show will be spectacular.

Fun for the whole family, the event starts from 7.30pm and is free to attend. It won’t just be standard fireworks either, as the display will combine with DFC’s last fitness-themed IMAGINE show.

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This means huge water shows, holographics and multi-coloured light projected into the sky and on the water – themed on the Dubai Fitness Challenge – accompanied by dramatic music and fireworks bursting into the sky for the grand finale.

Haven’t quite done your bit for the Dubai Fitness Challenge yet? There’s loads of things still to take part in this weekend, including an Under Armour Fitness Challenge, Tough Mudder, vertical run, La Mer swimming challenge and a huge Diabetes walk around Zabeel Park.

2019 marks the third year of the Dubai Fitness Challenge, in which Dubai residents were encouraged to take part in 30 minutes of exercise every day throughout the 30 day challenge, which ran from October 18, and ends on Saturday, November 16.

The whole city turned into a huge gym throughout the month-long initiative, with people coming together to take part in classes, activities and challenges.

 IMAGINE, Dubai Festival City, Dubai, from 7.30pm, free to attend.

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