It’s just one of more than 200 restaurants you’ll find at the Expo 2020 site…

There’s less than a year to go until Expo 2020 kicks off, and as the countdown continues, the first collection of restaurants that you’ll find at the huge exhibition has been announced.

Of the 200 plus vendors showcased, many will be UAE-based cafes, restaurants and food trucks – including Dubai’s stalwart Irish pub, The Irish Village. The fourth outlet of the Dubai institution will bring authentic Irish food and entertainment to Expo 2020 for it’s millions of visitors to enjoy.

Other homegrown brands that you’ll find at Expo 2020 will be Arabian Tea House, Dampa Seafood Grill, Al Reef Bakery and Firas Sweets. The restaurants have been selected for their huge popularity among expats and Emirati’s, and are mostly homegrown and family-run establishments that can showcase the true international appeal of Dubai’s foodie scene.

With more than 200 nationalities calling the UAE home, visitors to Expo 2020 can expect a vibrant and impressive array of cuisines from around the world at the World’s Greatest Show.

“Expo 2020 will be a foodie destination in its own right and we urge visitors to bring a hefty appetite so they can explore the wonderful diversity and generous hospitality that the UAE is renowned for,” said Darren Tse of Expo 2020.

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As well as the more well known concepts, Expo 2020 will also be home to some more fun and novel foodie brands. The camel milk-inspired Majlis Cafe will showcase an array of camel-based products to visitors, while Doh will serve up freshly brewed coffee and donuts. A visit to Saj 2 Go will allow you to taste freshly baked bread made from a centuries old recipe.

Expo 2020 Dubai will become the largest event in the Arab world when it opens on October 20, 2020. Running for six months, its theme ‘Connecting minds, creating the future’ celebrates creativity, innovation and culture around the world.