190 countries will take part in the huge expo, and they’ve already revealed some seriously impressive pavilions…

The first World Expo to be held in the Middle East is fast-approaching. Dubai’s Expo 2020 will kick off on October 20, 2020 and run for six months, welcoming 190 participating countries, and millions of visitors from across the globe.

Between its announcement in 2013 and the expo itself, Expo 2020 is expected to contribute Dhs122.6 billion to the economy.

The expo will be a super-sized exhibition which sees participating nations all come together to exhibit their feats in every sector from industrial to scientific to technological. Pavilions for each participating country are gradually being revealed, and there are some seriously stunning architectures and features designed within them.

Here are six of the most wow-worthy pavilions revealed so far…

1. United Arab Emirates

Expertly designed by renowned Spanish architect, Santiago Calatrava, the building represents a falcon, the UAE’s national bird, in flight and stands four storeys tall across 15,000 square metres. Inside you’ll find a plethora of information on the nation’s rich heritage as well as the ambitious plans the country’s leaders have for the future to create a peaceful and progressive society. The design was unveiled after a seven-month design competition that saw entries from some of the world’s best architectural firms. The structure will look out over Al Wasl Plaza, which will act as the centre of the Dubai World Expo zone in Dubai South.

2. United Kingdom

Entitled ‘The Poem Pavilion’, the UK’s pavilion has been designed by British artist and designer, Es Devlin OBE, and aims to highlight the UK’s expertise in artificial intelligence and the space sector. The dramatic design of the pavilion will be in the shape of a conch shell, and will also have a 20-metre high glowing LED façade that will beam out an AI-generated global message, which Expo 2020 attendees will be able to contribute to.

3. Saudi Arabia

After the UAE, KSA’s pavilion will be the second largest. The 13,069 square metre space aims to promote tourists and businesses to come to Saudi Arabia. The reflective design by Boris Micka Associates represents a window into the future, for Saudis to express their interest in collaborating with other countries and developing a better future for all. Visitors can also get a taste of the kingdom’s history and culture through an immersive experience the size of two football fields.

4. Belgium

The Belgium Pavilion is located in the Mobility District where the building will draw on renewable resources in order to more than cover its energy usage. It has an ark-inspired design and is covered in lush greenery, with smart technology to feed the some 10,000 plants. Another highlight will be the culinary offering, the Belgium Pavilion will be showcasing some of the countries best-loved dishes, including ‘some of the most delicious fries on the planet’.

5. Opportunity Pavilion

All of the materials used to create Opportunity Pavilion will be recyclable and no concrete will be used in its construction. The 4,500 square metre pavilion will be built from 2,500 tonnes of stone, and will have a spiral shaped canopy roof made from around 111 kilometres of woven rope. Once inside, the Opportunity Pavilion promises ‘engaging and interactive journeys that will feature decision-making and gaming components’. Visitors will have the opportunity ‘to explore how individual choices and actions can make a positive, collective contribution to global causes’.

6. China

The China Pavilion, modelled on a traditional Chinese lantern, is themed under ‘building a community with a shared future for mankind – innovation and opportunity’. The exterior wall uses eco-friendly materials via innovative modern techniques which will transform into a dazzling digital light display by night with the aim of symbolising hope and a bright future. China hopes to showcase its four inventions: paper, the compass, gunpowder and movable-type printing.

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Images: Supplied