You know there’s an app for that… 

Sometimes, no amount of sticky notes on your fridge or reminders on your phone is enough to get your to-do list done. And we can’t blame you — it’s easy to lose track of all those life-maintenance tasks.

And now more than ever, we’re looking for ways to tackle those tasks without leaving home.

Whether it’s paying your bills, getting the laundry done, or just taking time out to focus on yourself, these apps are here to help make your day run a whole lot smoother.

Here are seven apps that immediately make life easier in Dubai.

Best for: Paying the bills


The days of running to Dewa to make your payment before they close are now a thing of the past, so if you don’t have this app yet, now’s the time to download it. After setting up and linking your account, all you need is your EasyPay number (found on your Dewa bill). View your bill amount, choose your mode of payment and follow the steps to complete your payment. You’ll receive a confirmation via sms and email, plus you’ll be able to compare your electricity usage, water trends, and even check your carbon footprint.


Live in a different city? Similar apps are available where payments can be made. Abu Dhabi (Abu Dhabi Distribution Co.), Sharjah – Sharjah Electricity and Water Authority , Fujairah and Ajman – Federal Electricity and Water Authority

2. My Etisalat

On the My Etisalat app, pay your phone bill and track your data, calls and SMS usage to avoid exceeding your monthly budget. The app also helps you track your usage patterns and monitor where you spend the most. Need to upgrade your package? Shop for voice and data packages, roaming packages, eLife TV and more. Forgot the code to share your credit with your loved ones? Just head on the app where you’ll be able to transfer mobile credit, data balance and make international credit transfers.


3. Du

Similar to Etisalat, the Du app allows you to track your usage and even pay your bills with one scan of a finger using biometric technology. The user interface and layout is easy on the eyes and only shows you what you need to see.


Best for: Boredom busting

4. Reading Hub

Books can be expensive, but on Reading Hub, you’ll find a wide variety of new and pre-loved books. The app is free to download, and on the virtual shelves you’ll find books ranging from children’s classics to mystery, romance, action, adventure, self-help, travel and more. Prices of the books vary, but they get delivered right to your doorstep. The minimum order amount is Dhs30 and you’ll be charged Dhs10 for delivery.

Available on the App Store and Google Play.

Best for: Keeping calm

5. Lush Labs

Along with a handy shopping feature called Lush Lens, which allows you to scan products to see their ingredients at a glance, this new app from Lush offers up another feature called Moods, designed to recharge and revitalise your energy. Simply choose how you’d like to feel from a choice of 11 options, such as ambitious, peaceful, humorous, confident and energised. Next, select the length of time you’d like to practice (two, five or eight minutes), then get comfortable and follow the directions on the app, such as taking deep breathes and interacting with the screen while mellow music plays in the background.

Lush Lens is available on the App Store and Google Play, but Moods is currently only available for iphones.

Best for: Help at home

6. Washmen

You may have your hands full, but that doesn’t mean the laundry has to stack up. Thanks to the Washmen app, you can have someone pick up your laundry and return it as good as new. They offer three services: wash and fold for Dhs55 per bag, and clean and press, or press only, which are charged by the item. Orders below Dhs100 attract a Dhs7 service fee. You’re charged once your laundered clothes are returned to you, and you can pay via Apple Pay or credit card. If you’re worried about the Covid-19 situation, Washmen have reassured customers that hygienic standards and practices are in place.

Available on the App Store and Google Play.

7. Helpling

If your house is in need of a deep clean, but you can’t find the time to do it, try the Helpling app, which offers a range of cleaning services.  To help battle Covid-19, the Helpling team is following safety protocols to ensure safety on both sides. In addition to medical checkups performed on staff each morning, team members are required to change their clothes in-between each appointment, and are provided with disposable masks and glove. The products that Helpling use kill bacteria and germs and are also safe for pets.

Available on the App Store and Google Play.

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