From fuel top-ups to paying fines, we’ve got you covered…

Whether you’re trying to avoid peak-hour traffic on Sheikh Zayed Road, looking to top up your Salik account or renting a car for an hour or a month, these must-have apps help take the stress out of driving in Dubai.

Here, we share seven handy apps for drivers in Dubai.

RTA Dubai


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Best for: life maintenance

When you need to check the balance or top up your Salik account, pay for parking, register your vehicle or renew your license, the RTA app is a must-have in your Dubai driver’s arsenal.


Dubai Police


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Best for: making amends

If you haven’t heeded our advice to stop using your phone while driving, or give way at pedestrian crossings, then you could land yourself in trouble with Dubai Police. Copped a fine? You’ll need the Dubai Police app for that. You can also use the app to report incidents and accidents on the road.




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Best for: renting the car you actually want

The Middle East’s first app-based car subscription service makes it a breeze to hire the car you actually want (not one that bears a vague resemblance to your choice). The monthly rentals currently include mid-range sedans, SUVs and hatchbacks, but there are plans to add luxury Maseratis and Land Rovers soon. It’s ideal if you’ve just arrived in Dubai, have family visiting and need an extra set of wheels, or don’t want to commit to a lengthy lease or expensive purchase.


Udrive or Ekar


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Best for: short hops around town

If you’re not in the market for a monthly or annual rental, but want the freedom of your own wheels for a shorter stint, then Udrive may be the app for you, allowing you to rent cars by the minute. After downloading the app, the registration process can take a few hours, so prepare accordingly. Then all you need to do is find a nearby car and use your pin to unlock it. Once you’ve finished your journey, drop the car off at any location in Dubai. Ekar works on a similar premise, offering access to more than 1,000 cars across the Gulf. As a bonus, with both apps you get free public parking in Dubai.

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Best for: filling up, anywhere, any time

Now there’s no need to join the queues at the petrol station, thanks to Cafu, the fuel-delivery app that comes to you. Choose a monthly subscription for Dhs26 or pay an on-demand fee of Dhs18 – it’s a small price for the convenience of having your tank filled, wherever your car, boat or motorbike may be parked.




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Best for: keeping it clean

It’s not only fuel that comes to you in Dubai: Keno offers an eco-friendly car wash service across the city. The app service also offers an extreme interior cleaning and disinfectant service, to ensure your ride shines inside and out. Prices start at Dhs35 for a body wash on a standard sedan.




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Best for: knowing where to go

It can feel like a new road or route pops up every week in Dubai, so a map app is a must. Waze uses crowd-sourced data to provide real-time traffic updates, including speed cameras and accidents, which can be handy when you want to know which route to take, and which to avoid.