This will be a welcome relief for dog owners in Dubai…

Ever since Dubai authorities announced an extension of the National Sterilisation Programme to 24 hours a day – requiring everyone to stay indoors except when shopping for essentials or conducting vital work – one of the most pressing concerns has been what to do with our beloved pets.

Last week, for a moment at least, it seemed you could apply for a permit to walk your dog via But then word came through that this was an error, and it was back to being housebound for dogs and their owners.

Now, Dubai Police have provided some much-needed clarity, updating their FAQs on the Dubai Permit site to include the following information regarding dogs in Dubai:


“I want to take my dog for a walk, is that allowed during the movement restrictions?”


“No, it is not allowed and is prohibited in all cases. However, some animals should be take out to relieve themselves. In such cases, it is acceptable but only if it is in front of one’s residence and for no more than ten minutes while taking the necessary precautions to ensure the public safety.”

So, while it is still forbidden to take your dog for a walk during the 24-hour sterilization programme, you can now at least take them outside to relieve themselves. What a relief.

Remember, if you do need to take your dog out to relieve himself, keep it as brief as possible. Dubai Police have indicated that this shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes.

So, that means no fetch for Fido. This is strictly to allow them to do their business.

Dog owners in Dubai must also wear a mask and gloves at all times when they are outdoors with their pet, and maintain a safe distance from others.

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Image: Unsplash