It’s the news you’ve been waiting for, but probably won’t want to hear…

It’s been a rollercoaster few days for dog owners in Dubai. Since the strict 24-hour lockdown measures were introduced on Saturday, we’ve all been wondering if we’re allowed outside to walk our dogs in Dubai.

While the message has been clear that we must all stay at home 24 hours a day – unless buying groceries or medicines, seeking medical help, or working in a vital sector – the care of our four-legged friends has been a bit of a grey area.

Yesterday afternoon, our feeds lit up with the news that people’s applications for dog-walking permits via the official site had been approved.

But just as quickly as those posts popped up, they were replaced with the news that these approvals had been made in error, and dog walking was not permitted after all.

What does this mean for the many of us who live in an apartment with our pooch?

One of the most common suggestions is to take your dogs down to the basement carpark to do their business, then clean up with a plastic bag and a squeezy bottle filled with water and dishwashing liquid or diluted white vinegar.

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Other suggestions include buying large puppy pads and training your dog to use them, although this will take some time.

If you have any ideas, please be sure to share them on Facebook.

Remember, if you do need to leave the house to shop for groceries, visit the doctor, or attend work, be sure to apply for a permit well in advance. The updated website includes options for walking/cycling, and a section on FAQs.