From applying for a permit to seeking medical help…

With regulations and official advice changing on a daily basis, we’ve rounded up some of your most common questions regarding the latest Coronavirus rules in Dubai.

Can I leave the house?

On Saturday, April 4, Dubai’s Supreme Committee of Crisis & Disaster Management announced strict new measures to contain the spread of Covid-19. According to Dubai Media Office, residents must stay at home 24 hours a day, unless they:

  • have a medical emergency
  • are shopping for essentials
  • work in a vital sector

On Twitter, Dubai Police‘s Maj-Gen Al Suwaidi confirmed that “A fine of Dhs3,000 will be issued against individuals violating the curfew set out during the National Sterilization Programme. The fine excludes individuals who seek to obtain essential supplies, such as food and medicine, and individuals working within previously announced sectors.”

Do I need a permit if I work in a vital sector?

No, but according to a Tweet from Dubai Media Office, you will need a letter from your employer stating your movements to and from work.

How do I apply for a permit?

Before making any trips outside, officially you are required to register for a permit via You will be asked to outline the reason for your journey, your destination, and the expected duration.

Do I need a permit to walk to the shops?

UPDATE: Yes. As of Monday afternoon, the website has been updated. You must now select whether you are travelling for personal or work reasons, and your mode of transport, including car, metro, bus, or walking/cycling.

How many people can leave the house at once?

Only one person is permitted to go out for essential supplies each time, and you must maintain a two-metre distance between yourself and anyone else.

The radars flashed at me when I was driving on Sunday. Will I receive a fine?

According to a Tweet from Dubai Media Office, radar violations recorded for driving without a movement permit from April 4 to April 5 will be cancelled. If you’re snapped for speeding or committing another traffic violation, the fine will still apply.

Do I need a permit to drive through Dubai?

No. According to Dubai Police, “motorists passing through Dubai to other emirates will not activate the radars, provided they use inter-emirates roads (e.g. Mohammed Bin Zayed Road and Emirates Road) and do not stop in Dubai.”

Can I walk my dog?

UPDATE: After some Dubai residents reported they were able to obtain dog-walking permits on April 6, sources now say this was an error and dog-walking permits are no longer allowed.

Why didn’t I receive a discount on my taxi ride?

According to the RTA website: “During the National Disinfection hours, taxi services will be available via Careem and Uber apps. Taxi and limousine riders will get a 50% discount on their rides, as part of this initiative which RTA has launched to ease the mobility of individuals in sectors that are still on duty to deliver vital services to the community.” The RTA has advised on Twitter that it is currently rolling out the discount across its fleet. If you have not received a discount, submit your taxi number and ride details to the RTA and they will investigate. Please note, that the discount only applies for trips within Dubai.

Can I catch a taxi between 8pm and 6am?

According to a Tweet from the RTA, Dubai Taxis are operating during the day, but if you need to use a taxi between 8pm and 6am for vital work or a medical emergency, you’ll need to book via Careem or Uber.

I rode the bus yesterday and my Nol card was debited in full – shouldn’t it be free? 

RTA Dubai has tweeted that the ticket price will be reimbursed to your Nol card after seven days.

Do I have to wear a face mask and gloves when I leave the house?

Yes, it is now mandatory to wear a face mask and gloves whenever you leave the house, and to maintain physical distance of two metres.

I can’t buy face masks anywhere. What should I do?

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At a pinch, you could try making a DIY face mask. We understand this is not going to offer the same level of protection as a medical-grade mask, but it may help you lessen the spread of any illnesses, and help you avoid a fine. If you’ve noticed an unfair price hike on face masks and other essentials, Dubai Economy (DED) invites you to register a complaint at

I have coronavirus symptoms. What should I do?

If you have a fever or flu-like symptoms, the Okadoc website is a good place to start. You can chat to a doctor online, or find your nearest hospital or clinic that offers Covid-19 testing. Do not go to your regular clinic without first calling them in advance. In case of a medical emergency, call 999 for a government ambulance.

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This article was updated at 5.30pm Monday April 6 to reflect changes to the website.