Everything you need to know about hosting friends and family at home this Ramadan…

While the 24-hour restrictions are still in place in Dubai, authorities appear to be preparing to relax these rules.

A plan issued by the Government of Dubai and Dubai Economy on April 22 includes protocols for hosting private gatherings during Ramadan.

According to the official plan labelled ‘Social and Cultural Values: Precautions during Ramadan’, private gatherings of more than 10 people will not be permitted.

However, it suggests that gatherings of fewer than 10 people will be allowed during Ramadan, so long as you practice social distancing and avoid physical contact, including handshakes and hugging.

The plan advises Dubai residents to keep these gatherings to a minimum, and restrict them to your extended family members or very close friends during iftar and suhoor.

An official decision on when the 24-hour ‘stay-home’ restrictions will be lifted has not yet been made.

Dubai residents are still advised to leave the house for necessities only, although it seems there may soon be some relaxing of the rules here, with yesterday’s statement saying: “family visitation and one outdoor activity can be performed as per the set parameters”.

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If you do venture out, remember that face masks should be worn at all times. You should also avoid touching your face, and use sanitiser or wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water once you reach your destination.

You should also avoid visiting high-risk individuals during Ramadan, including the elderly and people with chronic illnesses.

Unfortunately, due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, this year food shouldn’t be donated to anyone outside your household – all donations must be made through authorised local charities.

That means that Dubai’s beloved Ramadan fridges will not be operating this year.

The precautions regarding Ramadan gatherings are part of a larger communication issued by the Government of Dubai and Dubai Economy, which also highlighted ways in which retailers should prepare for the reopening of malls, and new guidelines for public transport in Dubai.

Image: Supplied by Dish.ae