Make, shop, listen, eat and watch an array of special programmes…

Jaddaf Aloud Online is the new online programme launched by Jameel Arts Centre. The new series offers an array of creative content to keep you busy and your mind occupied while staying at home.

The programme will showcase content from some of the UAE’s best artists, musicians, artisans and restauranteurs, including Sound of Nomads, Analog Room and Frying Pan Adventures.

Jameel Arts Centre has also launched a series of exciting workshops, which are already available to enjoy online. From light painting with Gulf Photo Plus, DIY clay making from KAVE – The Story of Things, how to make a saddle stitch notebook by Eman AlHashemi, painting with coffee thanks to Asma Khoory, and many more.

Tonight, Monday April 20 at 8pm, a special concert will be taking place on the Jaddaf Aloud Online platform. Headlined by Sound of Nomads, the 30-minute concert will see a host of acoustic tunes played from the artist’s home.


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On Wednesday April 22 at 8pm, you can expect to find a series of experimental short films thanks to Analog Room. Be sure to check out the website, and full schedule of entertainment so you don’t miss a thing.