Not following safety guidelines could land you with a hefty fine…

With the rules on leaving the house, travelling about and visiting public places easing slightly, and this being a time where families traditionally gather as part the holy month of Ramadan, now feels like an excellent opportunity to reacquaint ourselves with the rules of social distancing in Abu Dhabi.

Those venturing out between 6am and 10pm will need to keep a minimum distance of 2m between themselves and other people at all times. This includes time spent inside shops, malls and other public places.

Abu Dhabi Police warn that failure to comply with this rule could result in a Dhs1,000 fine.

Car travel is limited to a maximum of three people (if you’re using a taxi, this includes the driver) – those exceeding this amount will be fined Dhs1,000 each. First-degree family members are exempt from this rule.

Those attending large gatherings, public or private events, or parties will be fined Dhs5,000, with a Dhs10,000 fine for the organiser.

Mounted police and bike patrols have been dispatched across the capital to help raise awareness and enforce the movement restrictions that are part of the National Disinfection Programme.

Officers were providing information on safety measures and ensuring residents were following stay-home orders.

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The National Disinfection Programme operates between 10pm and 6am daily. During this time individuals are not permitted to be outside or travel, unless for urgent purposes or for work as a state-approved essential employee.

Abu Dhabi Police have set up road radars and smart systems and deployed extra patrols to catch violators, who could face fines of Dhs2,000.

If you’re in any doubt about whether your job constitutes essential work, you should seek clarification from your HR department.

Those who are self-employed are advised to seek authorisation from the police.

Images: Pixabay