Humidity is on the rise too…

The UAE summer has well and truly arrived, with temperatures noticeably on the rise. Get ready to feel the heat this weekend, as temperatures are set to soar above 40 degrees celsius in some parts of the UAE. It’s set to reach heights of 43°, according to the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM).

Humidity is also on the up, so bear that in mind if you’re heading out for your daily jog. Levels are expected to reach up to 85 per cent over internal areas of the UAE, whilst costal and island areas are set to be hit with levels of 90 per cent humidity in some areas.

Whilst we still can’t cool off at any of Dubai’s public pools or beaches, a number of hotels both in Dubai and other emirates are offering some fabulous staycation deals – with pool and beach access included.

The weather is pretty calm on Thursday, May 7, with some clouds and haze expected around the afternoon time in certain areas. Moderate winds are predicted to stir up some sand and dust over the course of the day.

It will be partly cloudy and hazy in general on Friday, May 8, with a slight drop in temperatures over coastal areas. Similar to Thursday, moderate winds are expected – reaching up to 40 km/h – which might cause reduced visibility due to sand and dust being stirred.

Whilst it’s going to be fair to partly cloudy throughout the day on Saturday, May 9, humidity is expected to step it up a notch by the evening, with high percentages persisting until Sunday morning. Winds are expected to be light, hopefully cooling it down slightly.

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Sunday, May 10, will follow the same pattern as Saturday, with high humidity in the early hours of the morning. During the day it’s expected to be fair to partly cloudy, with some moderate winds.

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