The update was issued on Friday June 19, effective immediately…

Dubai Police have issued a circular to all licensed bars and restaurants to inform them of a new post-lockdown update. The statement, seen by What’s On, said that the previous rule which stated all orders of alcoholic beverages must be accompanied with a meal, has now been revoked.

The update was issued on Friday June 19 and read: “We would like to inform you that, as from its date, alcoholic drinks are permitted in licensed bars and bars without meals, with the need to adhere to the general precautionary measures in the regarding restaurants and food emirate and in particular establishments”.

During Ramadan, the consumption of alcoholic drinks was not allowed in any venues in the city, this ban was lifted on the first day of the Eid Al Fitr holiday, on May 24. There were a few conditions, however, including the mandatory order of a main course with drinks.

Other rules included drinks to be served in disposable glasses with bottles not permitted, unless the establishment has a machine dishwasher. Drinks were also required to be served to the table and not while standing at the bar, although the announcement didn’t mention if this has changed.

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Social distancing guidelines remain in place for the safety of everyone, and masks are still required while in public. If you’re going to head out for drinks, remember to keep your distance, wash your hands often and keep the current 11pm curfew in mind.

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