Restrictions start from Tuesday, June 2…

Since it was announced that movement restrictions would be back in place in the UAE’s capital city of Abu Dhabi from Tuesday, June 2, temporary new rules have been put in place.

Anyone within the emirate who needs to do necessary shopping such as groceries or pharmacy, between 10pm and 6am, must apply for a movement permit to leave their homes. Anyone found to be in violation of the rules could face a Dhs2,000 fine.

People wishing to travel in and out of Abu Dhabi during the one-week restriction period must obtain a movement permit. Abu Dhabi Police has reiterated that this can be applied for via its website.

Whilst the rules officially state that travel between emirates is restricted during the one-week period, exemptions will be made for special cases, including employees of vital sectors, chronic disease patients visiting hospitals, and those transporting goods.

Restrictions also apply to travel between Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Al Dhafrah.

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Whilst the new movement restrictions have currently been sited as lasting for one week from Tuesday, June 2, this is subject to change.

The movement restrictions were reintroduced as Abu Dhabi looks to step up the National Disinfectant Programme and testing, to combat the spread of COVID-19.

So how can you apply?

If you do need to travel between emirates and fall into the ‘exemptions category’ you can apply via the ‘Movement Permits System – Abu Dhabi’ page on the Abu Dhabi Police website.

Here, you will need to fill out your name, city and ‘destination type’ such as pharmacy, hospital or ‘exit Abu Dhabi”. You’ll then need to state how many individuals will be travelling in your vehicle, and a start and end date.

Abu Dhabi Police urged the public “to adhere to the decisions issued by the competent authorities and to comply with the specified timings of the national sterilization program within the emirate’s cities.”

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