Find balance with a tingling body scrub and toe-curling massage at Anantara Spa…

Call me a masochist, but whenever I get a massage, I always tick the ‘firm pressure’ box. For as long as I can remember, mine has been a ‘go hard or go home’ approach to relaxation.

Perhaps it’s because there’s enough firm pressure in the real world right now, but lately I’ve found myself edging into medium territory.

Sometimes, though, even if it’s medium you want, it’s firm you need… as I discovered during this invigorating spa treatment at Anantara The Palm.

Anantara Spa

The spa

I’ve been invited along to Anantara Spa at Anantara The Palm Dubai Resort to test out the new wellness-focused magnesium body treatments.

The spa is located at the end of a frangipani-shaded walkway, overlooking one of the resort’s turquoise lagoons. The reception is a Thai-inspired delight, fragrant with lemongrass and decorated with a soothing water feature, cascading plants and carved timber lounges.

After switching into my robe, slippers and requisite spa kit in the change rooms, I’m escorted along a covered outdoor walkway to my suite. A window offers a view over the lagoon and surrounding hotel rooms, and before stripping off I’m assured that although I can see out, the guests standing on their balcony opposite can’t see in.

anantara spa

The treatment

I’m here to experience the Magnesium Rebalance, a 90-minute treatment (Dhs950) that includes a top-to-toe body scrub and massage. My therapist, Robita, tells me that magnesium is best absorbed through the skin to deliver a raft of benefits, such as boosting immunity, improving metabolism, increasing energy levels and eliminating toxins.

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After a warm foot soak, Robita begins the scrub, accompanied by a gentle warning that I may feel a tingle as the magnesium salts are absorbed into my skin.

Sure enough, as the magnesium flakes start to work their magic, a warm, tingling sensation envelops my entire body. Just when I feel like I’ve reached peak tingle, it’s time to rinse off the scrub in a warm shower, before returning to the table for a full-body massage.

Even though I may have ticked that medium box, Robita takes matters – quite literally – into her own hands. She is on a mission to seek and destroy any knots and stiffness, using a decidedly firm combination of elbows, fists, twists and Ayurvedic stretches. It’s bliss and agony in equal measure – and exactly what my busted-up body needs.

The verdict

This is a seriously good spa treatment. For days afterwards, my skin feels smooth and supple thanks to the magnesium flakes and oil, and I feel mentally sharp and sprightly. If you have any knots or aches that need working out, Robita is your woman… medium pressure be damned.

Anantara Spa, Anantara The Palm Dubai Resort, daily 10am to 10pm. Tel: (0)4 567 8140.

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