There’s a night stay available, too…

Ladies hit the pause button and take some time out to focus on your mental health and well-being. A women’s only retreat is taking place at Studio One this month that will leave you feeling empowered and at peace with yourself.

In collaboration with Crimson Chamber of Yoga & Wellness, the program is created by women for women and it takes places on October 30 and 31.

Here’s the schedule

On Friday, October 30 at 7pm a special dance experience takes place – the very first of its kind in Dubai. The immersive sound and dance experience will combine gong meditation and a grounding rhythmic dance which will help ladies connect to mother earth. The unique experience will be lead by Zarine Dadachanj and Tania Jasmine.

zarine studio one

Above: Zarine Dadachanji

You will be awakened with the sound of a conch and gongs to welcome you to the safe space. You will be taught breathing techniques followed by a grounding session and then invited to reconnect with your inner self. The session ends with ‘savasana’ or corpse pose which will be accompanied by Tibetan singing bowls and gongs to further relax. The program is for an hour and 30 minutes.

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On the morning of Saturday, October 31 at 9am, a yoga session takes place led by LaToya Maria who will share with you the healing and empowering energies of the ‘divine feminine’. The session includes an engaging discussion, meditation, yoga ad journaling.

LaToya Maria studio one

Above: LaToya Maria

To session begins with a welcome invocation to reconnect with your feminine energy. After a meditating session, there will be an engaging feminine embodiment discussion and a journaling prompt after. Maria will then lead the group into a breathing session followed by a heart healing meditation and a closing ceremony. This program lasts for one hour and 40 minutes.

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How much will this peaceful retreat cost? 

If just one of these sessions piques your interest, you can register yourself for just Dhs155.

If you want to experience both, there’s a combo pack you can avail of and it will cost you just Dhs300.

Live too far off but want to attend both? Don’t worry! Snap up a complete experience which includes an overnight stay at the cool hotel, late breakfast, access to the pool and the facilities. It will cost you just Dhs510 for one and if you’re coming with a friend, it will cost Dhs855 (which works out to Dhs428 per person.)

Bookings can be done on this link here.

Studio One Hotel, Dubai Studio City, Dubai, Women’s Only Retreat, October 30 to 31, Dhs155 per session, combo pack Dhs300, one night stay for one person Dhs510, for two Dhs855. Tel: (800) 788346.

Images: Studio One Hotel