Unleash your creativity with this hands-on class…

If you like to show off a fresh bouquet of flowers when entertaining at home, why not take it a step further by showing off a centrepiece that you created all by yourself.

Floral arrangement is a form of art and Fine Blooms is here to show us exactly how it’s done with a workshop that walks budding students through all the steps needed to create a gorgeous floral display.

We decided to head down to Fine Blooms at Box Park to try out the workshop for ourselves.

We were handed aprons by Chloe Szukilojc, who was leading our workshop, and then given access to a floral fridge stocked with some of the finest flowers sourced from around the globe.

After we were done with the ‘oohs and aahs’, we were asked to pick one main flower that stood out to us. This flower, we were told, would be the centrepiece in our arrangement. Given the tip to not over-think it, we each made a beeline for the one that attracted our attention.

We then started adding in flowers and fillers (foliage), which ranged from ferns to baby’s breath, wax flowers and more. We had to bear in mind our colour theme as we walked about, picking and plucking flowers from the vases.

After we had our selection, we headed back to our table and spread out our selected flowers.

fine blooms

As we had roses in our selection, Chloe walked us through a process called reflexing – which involves inverting the petals of the rose to transform it into a voluminous, old-fashioned looking bloom.

Next, we trimmed the stems down to height at a 45-degree angle, keeping in mind the height of the vase and water levels, and then removed any unwanted leaves and thorns. With the prep work done, we listened to instructions on how to begin arranging the flowers.

fine blooms

We were taught (by a very patient Chloe) a process called spiralling. We started off with a single flower or stem placed at an angle between our thumb and index finger. We add in more flowers or foliage ensuring it was at the same angle each time. To make sure it was evenly spread, we had to rotate the bunch as went along.

Slowly but surely, our flower arrangement started coming together and after we were happy with our composition, we (by we, I mean Chloe) had to tie the bundle together tightly.

And our floral arrangement was complete.

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After striking a pos(i)e with the arrangement for the ‘Gram, they were placed in a bag with water to take home. You’ll even leave with your very own pair of florist scissors, or ‘snips’, so you can continue to practise the art of floral arranging at home.

Keen to take on the workshop? Contact  info@fineblooms.ae or drop them a message on WhatsApp o50 488 2275. 

At the moment, six people can take part in a workshop and if you want a private session where you can choose your date and time, it’s Dhs700 person.

Pre-set group workshops with a specific time and date will cost Dhs500 per person and each workshop lasts 90 minutes.

What a rosy way to spend time with your friends.

Images: Fine Blooms