Fellow Dubai Metro travellers, take note…

Last month in December 2019, the Road and Transport Authority (RTA) announced that the addressing systems at the Dubai Metro will be changed in order to keep pace with the latest international practices of the industry.

The changes will include the announcements that are made regarding train arrivals on the platforms and the signages found in the Dubai Metro stations.

RTA announced the updates on their social media accounts alerting Dubai Metro users to the change.

According to the post, no longer will Dubai Metro travellers see the end station names on signages around the station.

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Here are the changes you need to be aware of. 

At Interchange stations (Bur Juman and Union):

Previously, the two end stations on the red line of the Dubai Metro were called Rashidiya and UAE Exchange. These will now be called Platform 1 and Platform 2, respectfully.

On the green line, the two end stations were Etisalat and Creek. These will now be Platform 3 and Platform 4, respectfully.

Other stations:

On the red line, the two end stations, Rashidiya and UAE Exchange will be changed to Platform 1 and Platform 2, respectfully.

On the green line, the two end stations, Etisalat and Creek will be changed to Platform 1 and 2, respectfully.

Announcement changes

Apart from signage updates, changes to the Dubai Metro announcements will also be updated. No longer will passengers hear “The train to ‘station’ will arrive/depart at/from ‘station’ platform”. Instead, the name of the station will be replaced with the platform number.

After reaching out to RTA, What’s On was informed that the wayfinding signages will be updated gradually and will continue up to mid-February 2021.

Images: Getty Images