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Some days, only a burger will do, and if you’re the hunt for your latest fix, there are a few new restaurants in town to try. Some of Dubai’s best-known burger joints have opened new venues for you to visit.

High Joint


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Existing name, new restaurant

High Joint has certainly earned its stripes when it comes to being known as one of the top burger eateries in Dubai. High Joint recently opened up a new branch in Al Kawaneej with a brand new menu featuring some out-there creations such as the ‘Waffle Waffle’ which is a crispy chicken burger crammed between two potato waffles, drizzled in buffalo sauce, ranch dressing and even maple syrup. For beef lovers, check out ‘The H’, a beef patty loaded with cheese, candied bacon, fried crispy shallots and homemade aoili. It’s cheat day goals and we’re here for it.

High Joint, Al Kawaneej, Dubai, Mob to Sat 5pm to 3am, Sun closed. Tel: (0)4 546 3123. @high.joint

Ugly Burger


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Existing name, new restaurant

Ugly Burger is a fairly new kid on the block when you consider some of its more well-established counterparts, however it should definitely be on your must-try list. Ugly Burger knows it’s more about the taste than the aesthetics when it comes to a jaw-dropping burger, and they’re not afraid to pile up the toppings on those bad boys. There are so many burger options to choose from, in beef, chicken, shrimp and vegetarian varieties, but we love the Nashville Fried chicken burger with cheese, coleslaw, red onions and lettuce. Ugly Burger recently opened a new branch at Dar Wasl Mall.

Ugly Burger, Dar Wasl Mall, 12pm til late. @ugly.burger

Tendain Burger


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Tendain Burger is fairly new to Dubai’s homegrown burger scene but it certainly packs a punch. From top-quality Wagyu meat in the Wagyu Beef Rib Burger, loaded with cheese and BBQ sauce to the spicy chicken burger or chicken sandy, this is one cheat meal that is well worth it. There’s currently 25 per cent off the entire menu when you order on Deliveroo. (Delivery only to Business Bay to Jumeirah areas).


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