Get fit and enjoy competitive sport…

Along with a bustling food, beverage and luxury hotel scene, there are plenty of health and fitness centers and classes on the Palm Jumeirah. Now, a brand new gym facility with padel tennis courts has opened.

It’s named Smash Padel & Fitness Club and you’ll be able to find it at the end of Palm Jumeirah’s popular fitness track, next to Golden Mile Building 1. After much anticipation, it is now open and welcoming visitors.

It is offering members and non-members a fantastic fitness facility with equipment such as running machines, cross trainers, indoor cycling and more. The padel tennis courts are perfect for those who love a bit of competition whilst getting fit.

If you’re not familiar with padel tennis, it’s a form of raquet sport. It’s usually played in doubles on an enclosed court which is roughly three quarters of the size of a normal tennis court. Whilst the scoring is the same as normal tennis, the balls are used with less pressure.

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Via Instagram, Smash has revealed the pricing for padel tennis. A 90-minute session on one of the courts will be Dhs65 in non-peak hours and Dhs95 during peak hours, which are classed as all day on weekends and from 4.30pm on weekday evenings.

Keen padel tennis enthusiasts can purchase bulk packages. Ten 90-minute sessions is Dhs900, 20 matches is Dhs1600 and 30 matches is Dhs2100.

The gym is set to open in 7 days with ‘hammer strength equipment and a great selection of free weight and top of the range equipment’. Annual memberships are priced from Dhs3,600 upfront (Dhs300 per month) or Dhs375 monthly for a limited time.

According to Smash’s Instagram, there will be over 250 membership options to choose from and Smash also commits to never increasing your gym membership fee. Group classes are priced from Dhs55 for members and Dhs95 for non-members.

Smash, Golden Mile, Palm Jumeirah, open 6am to 10pm daily. Tel: (0)58 527 6274. @smashonthepalm

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