Keep these in mind before you make any plans…

On May 4, the UAE authorities announced Eid Al Fitr holiday dates for 2021 for both the private and the public sector. Both sectors will receive four days off from Tuesday, May 11 to Friday, May 14. For those of you who enjoy a two day weekend, this adds up to five days.

After the holidays were announced, the National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority (NCEMA) also issued out a reminder of the safety guidelines and protocol UAE residents near to bear in mind when celebrating Eid Al Fitr in UAE.

The announcements were made on the NCEMA’s official Twitter account last evening on May 5.

The authority called upon everyone in the UAE to cooperate and adhere to the measures in place and to avoid family visits and gatherings.

The NCEMA recommend conducting Eid greetings through electronic communication channels. They added that food and gifts are not to be exchanged among neighbours.

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The authority also urged the public to refrain from giving away Eidiya to children. Eidiya is a cash gift to children by elders to mark the completion of Ramadan. This includes giving them cash from banks. Electronic alternatives were suggested.

With regards to Eid and other events, the NCEMA urged the public to limit gathering to members of the same household. Masks need to be worn and physical distancing rules needed to be followed while sitting with the elderly and those with chronic diseases.

Along with the above announcements, the NCEMA stressed the importance of taking the vaccine adding it will have a positive effect on the Emirati community by breaking the chain of infection and preserving the achievements made in combating the pandemic. The authority added the importance of adhering to the precautionary measures after taking the vaccine and urged the public to abide by the laws and guidelines. 

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