Second place in the ‘top of the metropolises’…

We realise that we don’t have to convince you, Mr/Mrs Abu Dhabi resident, that our fair city is a straight 10 on the urban swoon scale.

You know all about the futuristic skyscrapers, immaculate powder-sand desert island beaches, movie lot desert dunescape, world-leading dining and leisure adventures, all set against a poetically diverse cultural offering. Game recognises game.

And that with restrictions on tourism rolled back, the beautiful tempteratures and blue skies afforded by Abu Dhabi autumns — as the Department of Culture and Tourism — Abu Dhabi (DCT – Abu Dhabi) campaign states — ‘The Time [genuinely] is Now‘ to visit, Abu Dhabi.

Travel brand Bounce, recognises that game too, but has arrived at its conclusion via a more scientifc route then our methodolgy which is derived from the prinicple of saying ‘just look at it’.

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They looked at 69 capital cities across the world, analysing urabn characteristics that inidicat the quality of life and affordability of holidaying there, and assigned scores accordingly.

Factors such as the average cost of a hotel and public transport; the number of attractions and restaurants (per km2); crime and safety; Instagrammability (measured by hashtags rather than whim); and, those holiday essentials — average temperatures and rainfall — were all taken into consideration.

Out of those 69 entries Abu Dhabi was ranked in a close second place — scoring big touritstic points for its lack of rain, the number of attractions and of course, safety.

It was just pipped to the top of the metropolises spot by Malta’s picturesque Valletta — who’s relatively small size, means that it is densely packed with things to do, eat and take shamelss selfies infront of.

Aby Dhabi beat cities such as New Delhi (third), regional competition from Riyadh (fifth), global competiton from Paris (seventh) and absolute demolished London (39) (negative days of sunshine are never a good start).

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