The new rules apply immediately…

Abu Dhabi Emergency, Crisis and Disasters Committee, in cooperation with the Department of Health Abu Dhabi and Abu Dhabi Public Health Centre (the new SEHA parent company), has announced new rules for those testing positive for Covid-19 in the emirate, and for those in close contact with confirmed cases.

What are the new rules?

Positive cases – high risk categories

If you’re over 50, have relatively severe symptoms, have a chronic disease or are pregnant — you’re instructed to visit one of the Prime Assessment Centres for medical check and isolation instructions.

To end isolation, you’ll either need two negative PCR results at least 24 hours apart; or complete 10 days of isolation (with at least three symptomless days at the end of isolation), with PCR tests on days eight and 10.

Positive cases – everybody else

You’re advised to retest in any health centre in the emirate, and continue to isolate. If that test is positive, you’ll be contacted by a specialist to advise on isolation procedures. If that second test is negative, you’ll need to take a further test 24 hours later and if that’s also negative, you’re free to end isolation.

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For those in close contact with a confirmed positive case

Those found to be in close contact will receive an SMS message with a link for booking a PCR test and to register for home quarantine. The mandatory period of self isolation is seven days for individuals that are fully vaccinated, 10 days for those unvaccinated.

If the test is positive, you’re instructed to follow the rules stated above.

If the test is negative, you’ll still need to quarantine, but must take a PCR test on day six of the isolation. This test can be conducted in any health facility. If that result is negative, you are free to resume activities as normal.

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