We don’t have long to wait…

If you’re planning an outing with loved ones or making travel plans, it will be helpful to have a list of upcoming UAE public holidays. Eid Al Fitr has just wrapped up so we’re already wondering, when is the next public holiday?

Below is a round-up of all the UAE public holidays we can expect in 2022 but do note that while these dates are not set in stone, it will help you more or less to plan your year out.

UAE public holidays for 2022

Arafat Day and Eid Al Adha

The good news we don’t have long to wait, as the next one comes in July when we will have another long break. Arafat day is expected to fall on July 8 and Eid Al Adha will likely be on July 9 in 2022. These dates, too are subject to the moon sighting but we should have Friday, July 8 to Wednesday, July 13 off from work.

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Islamic New Year

According to the Twitter post, Islamic New Year falls on July 30 in 2022, but this is a Saturday.

Birthday of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Al-Mawlid Al-Nabawi is listed to be on October 8, but this too falls on a Saturday.

Commemoration Day and UAE National Day

Commemoration Day (previously known as Martyrs’ Day), is marked annually on December 1, which is a Thursday.

Immediately after this, the UAE celebrates National Day which falls on December 2 and 3, which is a Friday and Saturday. This means those with Saturdays and Sundays off will enjoy a four-day weekend.

As mentioned, these dates are not confirmed and we will only know for sure when the announcement is released by officials. Stay tuned to whatson.ae.

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