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A visit to one of the cafes in d3 (Dubai Design District) will never disappoint. There are plenty of options, each offering something unique and if you don’t know where to start, this list will help.

Here’s a guide to must-visit cafes in d3


Anamoia dubai cafes in d3

Founded in 2015 with health and wellness in mind, Anamoia uses healthy ingredients called adaptogens which enriches the coffee with antioxidants and makes it taste even better. Now, adaptogens sound super fancy, but all it means is that they use plant-based extracts that help you cope with stress, decrease inflammation and fight oxidation. Practically a miracle in a cup. The extracts include holy basil, matcha and goji berries.

Anamoia, Building 1, open Sun to Thurs from 8am to 12am and Fri to Sat from 10am to 12am, Tel: (0)55 236 8469, @anamoia_cafe

Caffeine and Culture

Concept cafes in d3

Their motto is to ‘trust the caffeine and share the culture’. This cafe in d3 has recently released a new menu which features ‘egg-sentials’, ‘call it sweet desserts’ and ‘smart meals’. These include Korean-style egg drop, the classic French toast, and an acai bowl.

Caffeine and Culture, In5 Design, d3, open Sun to Wed from 8am to 11pm and Thurs to Sat from 8am to 12am, Tel: (0)50 959 9580, @cnccafe.ae


Concept cafes in d3

Although the store is currently closed, Select Shop Frame is a unique space for a community of people in the Middle East to experience global fashion and lifestyle trends. The host elite brands such as Comme de Garcons, Neighborhood and Wknd which are all still available online.

Select Shop Frame, @selectshopframe

Joe and the Juice

Joe and the Juice cafes in d3

The Starbucks of the Juicing world is finally here! Joe and the Juice is opening its flagship store in Dubai which means it should shoot to the top of your ‘must visit cafes in d3’ list. The cafe offers fresh juices, healthy shakes and yummy sandwiches. Breakfast bowls, vegan shakes and salad bowls galore, Joe and the Juice has curbed the healthy food market and they are finally going to be added to Dubai’s roster.

Joe and the Juice, opening on Sept 6,  @joeandthejuiceuae joejuice.com


Established with the vision of being a hub for local residents and neighbours, Molecule has an artistic and creative surrounding with beautiful finishings and design. The restaurant also doubles as an art gallery holding seasonal pop-up exhibitions. They also have a fully licensed bar which makes them one of the few places in d3 to serve alcohol.

Molecule, Building 6, open Sat to Wed from 9am to 1am and Thurs to Fri from 9am to 2am, Tel: (0)52 700 4053, @moleculedxb 

One Life Kitchen and Cafe 

Concept cafe in D3

The first cafe to open in d3 way back in 2016, started out as a tiny outlet and with hard work has become the favourite place of the district for Dubai-based freelancers. One Life pride itself in roasting their own coffee beans and having a ‘sick playlist’ for you to bop to while you come up with the next big trend.

One Life Kitchen, Building 5, open from Tues to Sun from 8am to 9pm and on Mon from 8am to 6pm, Tel: (0)4 513 4727, onelifedxb.com, @onelifedxb 

SMAT Resto-café

SMAT Dubai

With inspiration drawn from the rulers of the seven Emirates and their visions for globalisation, SMAT emerged as an Emirati cuisine restaurant that reflects just that. It is a fusion that matches the melting pot of cultures in the UAE. They have ancestral coffees such as Turkish coffee, Saudi coffee as well as Emirati coffee. For food, there’s traditional breakfast sharing options and a new watermelon soft serve.

SMAT, Building 10, open daily from 7.30am to 10.30pm, Tel: (0)4 580 2429, @smat.ae

The Name – Your Social Hub

Concept cafe in d3

It’s all in The Name. There are a fair share of speciality coffees sold throughout Dubai however, The Name has taken that concept and brought it to a new experience with customisable pantone mugs to choose from and purchase. The Name has created a different kind of concept store and restaurant. They also sell merchandise such as water bottles and pantone branded mugs.

The Name, Building 8, Sun to Thurs from 8am to 11pm and Fri to Sat from 8am to 12am, Tel: (0)56 344 4565, @thename.me

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