It’s going to be a busy winter season…

The UAE and the region are gearing up for a super busy season. A high number of visitors are expected to leave and enter the country for the winter season, iconic sporting events, UAE National Day and the upcoming festive season.

Emirates has warned travellers of the busy travel period and has urged outbound passengers to arrive at the airport three hours before their flight and to take advantage of the services that will enhance seamless travel.

The busy period is expected from Saturday, November 19 when Dubai is expected to see a surge in inbound traffic. Passengers are entering the country to attend the 2022 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix this weekend, the FIFA World Cup, Emirates Dubai 7s and much more.

A high level of outbound travel is also expected with residents leaving the UAE to enjoy the long National Day weekend. From December 16 onwards, another surge is expected with travellers looking to enjoy the festive period.

dubai airport biometrics

In addition to arriving at the airport three hours before your flight, Emirates advised passengers to take advantage of digital check-in, home and remote check-in options. smart gates and luggage drop-off services. Passengers will also be able to use the Emirates app to get updated flight information.

Emirates also recently announced the opportunity for international travellers to speed up their airport experience with a fast-track option. Passengers will need to consent to the use of biometric data which can be done with a couple of clicks through the Emirates app, at Emirates self-check-in kiosks, or in person at Emirates check-in desks. The service will come into place in 2023 so passengers will soon be able to enjoy a faster and more efficient airport experience. Both, travellers who arrive in Dubai as their final destination and passengers transferring to connecting flights will be able to benefit.

Images: Emirates