Adrenark will feature climbing walls, rope courses, thrill rides, stunt jumps, and multi-level E-karting…

Putting aside the tens of amazing dining concepts; the cafes; the giant integrated wellness hub and gym — The Bridge; massive deluxe movieplex — CinemaCity; The National Aquarium; and futuristic gaming, VR and eSports hub Pixoul… Why visit Abu Dhabi leisure mega-project Al Qana?

There’s one more reason arriving later this year, for the most stubborn of you still holding out. It’s called Adrenark Adventure and its chief deliverables are entertaining kids and adrenaline-baiting thrill experiences.

A work of Ark

You’ll find the whopping 54,000 sq ft (making it the largest of its kind in the region) wow-0polis right next to Pixoul Gaming.

It features an incredible 20 different activities many of which should do a stand-up job of siphoning off some that *screams, covered in slime and acrylic paint* young person energy.

Activities such as challenging climbing walls, elevated rope courses, cheek-puffing thrill rides, bravery-testing stunt bag jumps and, we’re informed, for the first time in the UAE — a multi-level E-karting track that climbs three floors inside the building. Which, in case of any future court case, we’re definitely not going to use to recreate the ending to Thelma and Louise when it opens.

Other attractions include the roll glider — the cutting edge (maybe not the best terminology for this obstacle) of zipline technology, allowing riders to speed up and slow down on their merry trip of twists and presumably rolls through the full winding course. You’ll find LED slides, treasure caves, bungee trampolines, and every toddlers favourite thing in the world (except for mummy/daddy/whatever toy that other kid is playing with) — soft play, with mini rides, slides and rope courses.

When can we expect Adrenark Adventure to open?

We don’t have an exact date for you, but the developers have confirmed that it should be in the first half of 2023. Tiny gladiators, are you ready..?

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