It’s looking likely…

The weather, as usual, is unpredictable but all you need to do is look outside the window to know that it’s still a tad bit gloomy. Dubai was pelted with rain on January 25 and 26 and if you’re asking ‘Is it going to rain this weekend?’, the short answer is ‘most likely’ – so we hope you have your umbrella with you.

Earlier this week, the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) announced that the UAE can expect heavy rains which will last until the end of the working week for most of the country. However, there has now been an update and rain is also expected to fall today on Friday, January 27 and 28 as well.

Authorities also expect fog to roll in on Sunday, January 29.

The downpour has led to a number of road closures over the past few days, so if you’re heading out today, make sure you stay updated with the latest updates via RTA.

The rain has also led to a number of events being cancelled, so if you have plans over the weekend, check for updates.

Feeling chillier than usual?

The meteorology centre also stated that temperatures will drop this week to as low as 16°C in Dubai and 14°C in Abu Dhabi. Think that’s cold? In the Northern Emirates, it is expected to go as low as 10°C.

The highest temperature this week is estimated to be a cool 26°C in Dubai.

But, what’s the coldest temperature that the UAE has ever experienced?

The coldest temperature ever recorded in the UAE was just -2ºC, in that January last year — and perhaps most surprisingly, it was observed by meteorological equipment based in Raknah, Al Ain — which is not halfway up a mountain, this is a low-lying area.

That was the first time since records began, that temperatures in the UAE have breached the zero degrees barrier.

Tips on driving safe

Dubai Police issued an advisory on how drivers can stay safe out on the roads during the rain. Take a look at the video below:

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