Things are starting to blossom at Reem Mall…

The huge 1.2 billion US Dollar mega project, Reem Mall seems to be in something of a soft opening phase, with the feeds of its combined social channels acting like a conveyor belt of ‘shutters up’ announcements over the past few days.

Once fully finished, it’ll hit slopes with a cool 85 different dining options, and more than 450 stores, across two million square feet of retail space.

These are just some of the stores now open at Reem Island’s newest mall…


A great choice for the latest in smart TVs, sound equipment and even phones, we guess, if you like that Android sort of thing.

i SEE by Al Jaber Optica

We’re not sure why Al Jaber opted for a spin-off brand here — it looks like an almost identical concept — then again, we might just need glasses. If you do too, you can now pick up a slick range of stylish frames at i See in Reem Mall.

North Face

Whether you’re considering tackling Mount Kilimanjaro in the near future or just looking like the sort of person who might — North Face has got outdoorsy fits tighter than their titanium carabiners.


Shoes glorious shoes, brogues, trainers and velcro, whilst you’re in your socks, boots, gore-tex and sandals. Just thinking of wearing flats, but ‘which sort’ — is the question, rich gentlemen have them boys, fashion loafers.


Stepping footlong into the mall’s new culinary offerings — this king of the convenience food sandwich stores, proves time and time again — even if you opt for a six inch, it’s not the size of the sub that counts, it’s what you choose to put in it. Our order, in case you’re wondering — brown bread, peri peri chicken, all the salad, American cheese, hot sauce, and boom… toasted.



If your kids are Disney obsessed, and genuinely if you’ve figured out how to crowbar three-year-old daughters off the obssesibe Elsa fan wagon please drop us a DM — Max Fashion has the range for you. Their ‘Celebrating 100 years of Wonder’ collection features character-emblazoned apparel all offering homage to the grand legacy of the House of Mouse.

Better Life

This kitchenware brand name sounds like a fictional biotech company in a sci-fi movie. But the only Crispr technology in store — is the fridges that, keep your salad nice and, ahem, crisp. They offer a big selection of fancy appliance brands, there’s a genuinely impressive quantity of smeg for example, gadgets and covetous decorative items.


Just in time for the return of their spiciest burger — the McSpicy, McDonald’s Reem Mall is now open and putting their Mac down. It’s rarely a specific reason to visit a mall, but for those that either chose or were chosen by the nug life, the Golden Arches can be a comforting site. No word on the operational condition of the ice cream machine.

Chic furniture vendors Chattels & More

Craving a new corner seater for comfortable DNMs (deep ‘n’ meaningfuls)? Perhaps your weekends are all about getting lit, in which case we’d recommend a new free-standing statement lamp; apartment doesn’t need anything? Allow us to present a comic strip polyresin pug wearing sunglasses (honestly the ‘& more’ part of Chattels & More is wild). Need that? Yep, we thought so… For all your household furnishing and polyresin dog statue needs — Chattels & More is now open at Reem Mall.


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Everyone’s favourite cheat food — pizza is now being served at Papa John’s

Good afternoon to everyone except people who order Hawaiian. If you’re a fan of American pizza, and let’s face it — sometimes, that’s the only thing that will do, you should be positively buoyed by the news that Papa Johns’s has opened in Reem Mall. The founder, John Schnatter famously ate 40 of the brand’s pizzas in 30 days, and we’re not sure if that’s a record but all we’re thinking is — challenge accepted.


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Getting you athleisurewear ready, Under Armour

Whether you’re looking for new kicks, training tops, or a tracksuit to meet those ‘ADNOC Marathon at 7, Spinney’s deli counter shopping at 12’ needs, Under Armour has got you. Now open and running the show at Reem Mall.


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carrefour supermarket

Back in February of 2022 we reported on the opening of the mall’s first store, a huge new Carrefour hypermarket, which is now open to the public and offering a vast selection of ‘bits and bobs’ for people to do their ‘big shop’ from.

Vox Cinemas

Now showing at the Mall is a huge 10 screen multiplex Vox Cinema. Signature theatre types available at the complex include the 20-metre tall screens (with laser projection and Dolby Atmos surround sound cinema technology) of MAX, there’s the dedicated family-friendly KIDS screens, and two Private Cinemas. It’s also worth noting that even in the six standard screens, there are fully reclining seats.

Still to come

Snow Abu Dhabi updates

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Snow Abu Dhabi will be ‘one of the world’s largest snow parks’ — offering sub zero encounters with themed-characters and access to a whole host of rides and attractions.

We can look forward to 12 exhilarating rides and 17 engaging attractions spread over a 10,000 square feet area. The temperature will be regulated to a super chilly 2ºC, and the slopes will be dusted in a snow capped coating to a depth of 500mm. Confirmed attractions include two giant slides, one named ‘Ice and Floes Toboggan Race’ which sounds nice and gentle, and ‘Grauppel’s Summit Escape’ which sounds less so.

Though there’s still no official word on an opening date, a new picture shared by Reem Mall comparing Snow Abu Dhabi’s progress between 2021 and 2022 shows it looks like it’s very nearly finished. For more information on Snow Abu Dhabi, check out our full feature on the venue.

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