The scheme will spur the UAE research ecosystem, empowering a new generation of scholars…

Powering the emirate’s endeavours in protecting and promoting national heritage, the jaw-dropping Zayed National Museum, has announced generous annual funding of Dhs1 million to support research on the country’s culture and history. Currently under construction on Abu Dhabi’s Saadiyat Island, the museum will continue to build on the legacy of the late HH Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan – the Founding Father of the UAE.

The regal development’s awe-inspiring design of wing structures represents those of a falcon – indicative of Abu Dhabi’s sprawling global ambitions.

The museum will also serve as a cultural hub, with funding aimed at encouraging researchers to explore and share the UAE’s history, heritage, archaeology and the role of the late Sheikh Zayed in driving social, cultural and economic impact.

Notably, the grants will also focus on the UAE’s engagement with key regional players from prehistory to the recent past.

If you’re researching any of the above, you have until July 15 to submit your application for review – which will be assessed on criteria including research methodology, experience, outcomes, and relevance to the museum’s mandate. Grants will then be announced in September and funding renewable until 2026.

The initiative highlights DCT Abu Dhabi’s commitment towards preserving UAE culture, history and heritage while enlightening the public on the profound impact the late Sheikh Zayed had on the country’s progress and development, empowering future generations to carry forward his enduring legacy.

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