Our pick of the movies out in Dubai cinemas this week is Eddie the Eagle, a heartwarming British comedy about an underdog athlete competing in the 1988 Olympics.

Here are all the flicks you’ll be able to go see from today…


Set in 1988, Eddie the Eagle tells the true story of Michael “Eddie” Edwards (Taron Egerton, looking far from his usual handsome self), a hopelessly un-athletic chap who dreams of competing in the Olympics. When he finds out that Britain doesn’t have a ski jump candidate for the Calgary Olympics, he decides to go for it, with the help of grumpy coach Bronson (Hugh Jackman). Fun fact: not only does the film have distinct Cool Runnings vibes, but 1988 was the year the Jamaican bobsled team competed in the Calgary Olympics too.


If the title sounds vaguely familiar, that’s because this tense horror is vaguely connected to Cloverfield, JJ Abrams smart, apocalyptic shaky-cam horror from 2008 (Abrams is producer on this one). Michelle (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) is a young woman wakes up after a car shelter to find hersel in a shelter with two men: Howard (John Goodman) and Emmett (John Gallagher Jr.), both of whom claim that the outside world has been destroyed. Are they her rescuers, or her captors? It’s a tense, claustrophobic thriller that’s definitely worth a watch.


There are some serious acting heavyweights in this one, with Al Pacino and Anthony Hopkins sharing the screen. Ben Cahill (Josh Duhamel) is an idealistic young lawyer who makes the mistake of going after corrupt multimillionaire Arthur Denning (Hopkins), even after his mentor Charles (Pacino) warns him not to. When he accuses Denning of manipulating drug trials, it sets off a chain of events that ends with him on the run accused of killing his ex-girlfriend Emily (Malin Akerman, channeling Fatal Attraction hard). It’s a decent neo-noir thriller that’ll keep you pretty entertained.


Another true story, this one charting the life of Gertrude Bell (Nicole Kidman) a sort of female Lawrence of Arabia, who explored the desert dunes as a writer and archaeologist for the British empire during the early 20th century. It’s partly about Bell’s life among the Bedouins, with a few romantic intrigues mixed in – most notably with Lawrence himself, played by Robert Pattison, and a caddish British diplomat played by James Franco doing a rather ridiculous accent. Looks a bit dull, but maybe that’s because we’ve become a bit blasé about the desert.