We’re going to have a long weekend soon (yay!), with private sector holidays now announced…

If you were itching for a day off, you’re in luck.

Most people in the UAE will receive a three-day weekend soon, starting Thursday December 1. 

Those in the private sector will get Thursday 1 and Friday 2 off (and then maybe people will have Saturday off anyway). Then, those in the public sector also get Saturday 2 as a public holiday. Work will go back to normal for everyone on Sunday December 4.

Why? It’s the UAE National Day and the UAE’s Commemoration Day of course!

This year will mark the UAE’s 45th birthday, and it’s usually coupled with a National Day parade involving music, performances and a whole bunch of patriotism. If it’s set to be anything like last year’s National Day, then we’re in for a real treat.

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When’s the next holiday?

The next public holiday we’re likely to have off will be for the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) on Monday December 12. 

The date of this holiday is yet to be confirmed, as it is called by the moon-sighting committee.

Other than that, there is unlikely to be any more public holidays in the UAE until next year – but as soon as we get to 2017 we have a day off, with New Year’s Eve an official public holiday in the UAE every year. 

If you’re looking to get an idea though of which days to expect off in 2017, here’s our 2016 public holiday calendar (which we’ll update soon for 2017).

Some employers do allow some time off for some employees for Christmas Day, but that’s a judgement call on their part.

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