The last park inside Dubai Parks & Resorts has finally opened it’s doors. Or floodgates.

Legoland Water Park, complete with 20 slides and various attractions, is open for business for all those aged two to 12.

The older crew needn’t fret: there are family-friendly rides that adults are allowed on as well. We can’t let the kids have all the fun right? Just because you’ve aged a little, doesn’t mean you can’t build a Lego raft to float down the lazy river on.

On top of the slides, you’ll find Wave Pools, the Joker Soaker water playground as well as the Imagination Station, where children can build bridges, dams and cities and test their designs against flowing water.

legoland water park

There will also be two restaurants, a gift shop and private cabanas for rent.

Here’s a map of the park and a list of the attractions:

legoland water park

Unlike many of the other parks’ openings at Dubai Parks & Resorts, all the rides are open at Legoland Water Park.

legoland water park

The Joaker Soaker water playground

*FYI, it costs Dhs50 to park your car at Dubai Parks & Resorts during the day*
*Inside the Polynesian-themed Lapita Hotel Dubai Parks & Resorts*
*Dubai Parks & Resorts is going to continue to expand*


Legoland Waterpark tickets are Dhs205 for children and seniors and Dhs240 for adults.

Legoland Dubai and Legoland Waterpark combo tickets are Dhs350 for children and Dhs395 for adults.

The annual two-park combo pass for Legoland Dubai and Legoland Waterpark are Dhs995.

Tickets can be bought from Legoland’s website here. 

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Images: Supplied