Ahoy there, landlubbers!

The Dubai International Boat Show – now in its 25th year – drops anchor at Dubai International Marine Club today, featuring more than 450 boats and watercraft estimated at a whopping Dhs1.5 billion in value.

You’ll be able to see vessels of all shapes and sizes (and budgets), from nifty water toys to epic luxury superyachts.

Here are some reasons why you should head down there to check it out…

1. Learn to fly on water jets

Hydroflight is an extreme sport that uses the power of a water jet to send a rider soaring through the air at high speed. How awesome does that sound?

You’ll be able to learn more about it from Dubai-based company Hydro Water Sports, which uses all sorts of cool gadgets like Flyboards, Jetpacks and Hoverboards to shoot participants into the sky.

Be sure to watch one of their daily Flyboard demonstrations at the Boat Show (here’s a little taster):

2. See a real submarine

These days, submersible watercraft are used by filmmakers, researchers, and other explorers who need to be able to work at extreme depths. At the Boat Show, you can see the new three-seater, electric-powered Mk.1C , developed by Dutch manufacturer Ortega.

These fascinating boats, which can function both above and under water, were inspired by the “Sleeping Beauty” – a submarine which allowed British marines to carry out attacks on enemy vessels during WWII.

They’re also powered by specially-developed batteries based on Tesla Motors technology, which gives them 11 hours of full-throttle operation.

They look just like sharks, right?

3. Discover amazing water toys

Meet the Seabreacher Z – a watercraft shaped like a dolphin which allows riders to explore the ocean above and below the waves.

Developed over more than ten years of engineering and testing by New Zealander Rob Innes and his American partner Dan Piazza, the dolphin-boat features a fully retractable snorkel, allowing the pilot and a passenger to experience high-speed, 360-degree barrel rolls, and leap 90 degrees out of the water.

Here’s what it looks like in action:

4. See how the other half sails…

Have a spare few million lying around? Abu Dhabi-based company Jalboot is showcasing the Wajer 38 yacht in Dubai for the first time.

With a price tag of just over Dhs3 million, this is one seriously luxurious boat – and it’s going to be on display and for sale at the Boat Show.

Want to try before you buy? Head down to Jalboot’s stand, where prospective buyers are able to schedule a sea trial on the Wajer 38.

Or, if the state of your bank account is more like ours, you can just lust after it from afar. So shiny…

5. Try out some water sports

By now, you’re probably feeling inspired to actually get out on the water, right?

Well, good news. There’s going to be a whole beach entertainment area dedicated to popular water sports, taster sessions, hands-on boating experiences, live music and more. 

Then, on Saturday March 4, there will be an event called DXB Paddling. This free event invites all experienced paddle boarders, kayakers, sufskiers, outriggers and rowers to compete in a 15km long distance and relay race around the Palm Jumierah. 

To find out more and register, visit dxbpaddling.com.

Time to embrace the seafarer within…

The Dubai International Boat Show at Dubai International Marine Club, Mina Seyahi is open to the general public from 3pm to 9.30pm daily from Feb 28 to March 4. Tickets are available at the gate for Dhs60 or visitors can pre-register online to save 15 per cent. Free parking is available at Skydive Dubai and Nakheel’s multi-storey carpark on Palm Jumeirah, with shuttle buses. For more info visit boatshowdubai.com.

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